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“You are the only reason I write, create art, and maintain this website.
I love what I do, and I love doing it for you.” —E.S. Abramson
David Craig, host of the radio talk show FoodTalkSTL on KFNS-AM 590, and
Elaine, the author of From Fat To Fabulous: A Diet Guide For Restaurant Lovers.

2 Times Pulitzer and
Nobel Prize Nominee

From Fat to Fabulous: A Diet Guide for Restaurant Lovers

...is the only diet that is fun and enjoyable. E.S. Abramson says, “You will have great dining experiences and will not have to count calories, carbohydrates, or trans-fats to lose weight.” Her only exercise consists of riding a stationary bike and walking.

By eating only restaurant meals, E. S. Abramson lost 85 pounds and went from a size 22 to a size 12. She believes she has stumbled onto the world’s greatest diet and that if everyone followed her example, we’d all be thinner and healthier.

“Wow! Elaine, where did you leave your Siamese twin?”
—Christopher Fulton, Senior Engineer.

Testimonials, Reviews, & Appearances:


Kasey Joyce, Multimedia Journalist, reviewed From Fat to Fabulous: A Diet Guide for Restaurant Lovers on KSDK-TV (NBC-TV). Also on KSDK.com.

From Fat to Fabulous: A Diet Guide for Restaurant Lovers was on KDNL-TV (ABC-TV).

FoodTalkSTL on KFNS-AM radio 590 – Elaine Abramson, a woman who lost 85 pounds by only eating restaurant food!

Cape Girardeau Storytelling Festival – From Fat to Fabulous: A Diet Guide for Restaurant Lovers.


Riverfront Times Blog – Books – “Local Author Drops 10 Dress Sizes on ‘Restaurant Diet’”.

Featured in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch - Health News – “Woman leaves own kitchen to shape up.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch – Elaine Abramson - Read article here.


“Elaine is our diet diva! She is inspirational.”—Cathy Cummings, Nurse, St. Louis Orthopedic Institute.

What great work,” said Connie Diekman, director of university nutrition at Washington University. “She assessed her lifestyle, recognized the need for change and took action.”

Amy Moore, dietetics and nutrition instructor at St. Louis University, said “Abramson seems to have mastered making good choices.”

“After seeing Elaine’s before and after pictures, I was really impressed with the results that were achieved by this diet. Sounds like a lot of fun to go out and enjoy great restaurant meals and lose weight in the process.”—Dr. Srdjan Ilic.


“Elaine’s proven diet obviously works... Elaine looks fabulous. Amici’s Restaurant staff and culinary team have been honored to help Elaine with her proven results.”—Amici’s Restaurant proprietors Dave Pullam and Jim McInroy.

“We believe that Elaine has enjoyed our food because everything is made from scratch. Our food has no preservatives and no saturated fats that you get from packaged foods. We see Elaine choose from our menu very wisely. We are happy to see that Elaine has had great success with dieting while supporting local restaurants. Thanks,”—David Miller and Tony Dahl, Partners of Dave and Tony’s Premium Burger Joint.

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In the best of times, Chuliot, a kibbutz on the Syrian border, is a dangerous place to be. But in the summer of 1960 it becomes a place of unimaginable horror as three young women are marked for a journey into the afterworld. Travel with them into HELL!

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A nursery rhyme by anonymous says that Thursday’s Child has far to go. The poet couldn't have been more right! Follow the life of author and artist Elaine Sandra Abramson as she proves just how true this is. Misfortune often leads to hilarity as she has had to overcome life’s obstacles. From deadly stalkers to crazed bosses, from unwanted suitors to the dreaded IRS, and from the sand and wind swept streets of Jerusalem to the desert heat of Texas, see how a true master deals with adversity!

Elaine’s journey is far from over, but her adventures are sure to touch the reader’s heart. Delve into the pages of Thursday’s Child and cry and laugh along with her. Read an excerpt from Thursday’s Child in the Books section.

Thursday's Child was featured at the Cape Girardeau Storytelling Festival and recorded for viewing on WSIU Public Broadcasting (WSIU TV 8; WSIU TV 16; WSIU 91.9FM; WSIU 91.9HD; WSIU 90.3FM; WVSI 99.9FM, WSIU.org) and SIU - Southern Illinois University; Southeast Missouri State University; and Cape Girardeau Convention & Visitors Bureau.

“Elaine, if you didn’t have bad luck, you wouldn't have any luck at all.”
—Robin Theiss, past president of the St. Louis Writers Guild, author, and owner of STL Books.

Lovey Award nominee. Tied for first runner-up in the Silver Falcon Award. First prize in the Pat De Clue Short Story Competition. First prize in the National League Of American Pen Women’s short story competition. Semi-finalist in the 11th Network Writers’ Competition. Semi-finalist in the Writer’s League of Texas Fellowship Contest.

Available on Amazon’s Kindle, Barnes & Noble’s Nook, Omnilit, and Echelon Press.

Categories: Artist. Humor. Jewish. Memoir. Biography/Autobiography.

Under E.S. Abramson and Elaine Sandra Abramson THURSDAY’S CHILD is available.

World War II spies stole my identity.

Even though I am an award-winning artist, to this day no one knows who I am. While searching for my birth mother, I opened Pandora’s box. Military, government, and family plots and coverups tumbled out.

“Two can keep a secret if one is dead,” said my father, a Canadian national who created secret weapons for the U.S. Army Air Corps during World War II. His death unlocked a cache of documents which led me to uncover a World War II military coverup in which he was involved.

I was imprisoned in Canada, and the Canadian government CONFISCATED Daughter of Spies.

Patsy R. Murray, CRM, Barnes & Noble, wrote, “Who is this woman and where did she come from? Which birth certificate contains the true information? Lots of questions require answers, and I am hooked.” Finalist in the 11th Writers’ Network Competition. Promoted by the St. Louis Writers’ Guild and retained in their archives. Excerpts read at Barnes & Noble and the St. Louis Book Festival.

Click here to download a PDF excerpt from Daughter of Spies. This excerpt also appears on the St. Louis Writers Guild’s web site.

invisible women

A Deadly Mystery series. In the case of Invisible Women Susan Goodwin-Earl, an art appraiser and detective, must solve a string of murders, art thefts, and an art fraud. She and her fiance’, emergency room Dr. Arthur Gramm, must stop a serial killer from targeting oppressed women. When she and Arthur, who is twenty years her junior, plan to marry, her spoiled adult children stall the nuptials.

Because of Elaine’s expertise in appraising, Lee Lofland has linked her website to The Graveyard Shift. Elaine was a special guest at Killer Nashville.

Patsy Murray, CRM, Barnes & Noble wrote, “It has fascinating characters, fast-paced action and interesting locations. Susan, the private investigator, is smart, educated and savvy about people. If you like a good mystery, here's one that will keep you turning the pages."

Fort Worth Star-Telegram feature article A highly praised appraiser praised Elaine Abramson’s appraisal and artistic skills.

Elaine Abramson was the first person to intern at the Appraisers Association of America. She wrote appraisal and art columns for their newsletter The Appraiser as well as for the Graphic Artists Guild’s GAG Art Forum and National League of American Pen Women’s NLAPW Forum.

love a lab

The LOVE A LAB picture book series relates a loving relationship between a teenage girl and her mischievous Labrador Retriever.

Written and illustrated by Elaine Sandra Abramson, the first woman to become a state artist of Texas, the only state in the nation to have a state artist.

The Love A Lab illustrations took the coveted People’s Choice Award at the National League Of American Pen Women’s Missouri convention.

The Love A Lab series has been endorsed and recommended by: Patsy Murray, CRM, Barnes & Noble; Jan Sargent, Executive Director, Texas Association Film/Tape Professionals; Paul Christensen, President, Omega Productions; and Mary Walbridge, President, Walbridge Film & Video Productions.

Ms. Abramson is a Juried member of the Best Of Missouri Hands. She is also a Juried member of the Greater St. Louis Artists Association. She is a former Graphic Artists Guild board member and newsletter editor. Ms. Abramson is the president of the Missouri State Association of the National League Of American Pen Women.

Love A Lab illustrations can be viewed at: www.bestofmissourihands.com/category_painting_drawing.htm,
www.bestofmissourihands.com/elaineabramson.htm, and


Mama Racoon was a bungling burglar. She came out of every home she broke into empty handed. She had to resort to Dumpster diving to feed her cubs.

The Burglar is a Nasty Animals picture book. Cows, squirrels, badgers, and other critters appear in this series. Written and illustrated by Elaine Sandra Abramson, the first woman state artist of Texas.

Elaine Sandra Abramson is a Juried member of the Best Of Missouri Hands. She is also a Juried member of the Greater St. Louis Artists Association. She is a former Graphic Artists Guild board member and newsletter editor. Ms. Abramson is the president of the Missouri State Association of the National League Of American Pen Women. Read at Barnes & Noble.

tummy treat dolls

Tummy Treats characters speak in rhyme all the time. They teach children about foods that can heal. And foods that will make a good meal.

Food character stories and plush toys to delight children. Shown are Toby Tomato and Goldie Grapefruit. Tummy Treats appeared on the Pixelon Network.

Elaine Sandra Abramson is a former elementary art school teacher and has worked with Viacom Entertainment.


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